We were very pleased with Yvonne’s performance at the event. The team and panellists enjoyed working with Yvonne and truly appreciated her willingness to work with them on crafting the questions for the event and her effort to prepare aptly for the occasion. We certainly look forward to engaging Yvonne again and thank her for her good work and effort!

Bank of Singapore

Thank you Yvonne, you were brilliant, calm, poised and entertaining. A consummate professional who made it easy for us all to connect with our clients in a seamless manner. Awesome event overall. Thank you

Stephen Bird

Chief Executive Officer, abrdn

Yvonne was a star at our summit – her on-the-spot moderation and handling of technical issues smoothened out the whole event. It was great to have her!

Amundi Asset Management

Always polished, she is a lively and intelligent host who engages her audience at every level. We have seen her versatility in various events, from the official brand launch of PARKROYAL COLLECTION to our CSR activities, including Art Book Launch and Inclusive Hiring Seminars. She’s quick witted, composed and is able to connect with the audience immediately – a valuable quality that is hard to come by. A dedicated professional with a natural charm, Yvonne is our choice host for all occasions! 

Choe Peng Sum

CEO, Pan Pacific Hotels Group

It was a pleasure working with Yvonne to promote Prudential’s Ready for 100 campaign on embracing longevity. As a presenter and moderator in many of our events, Yvonne led insightful, inspiring and inclusive discussions with our audiences on the challenges and opportunities of rising longevity. We look forward to working with her again.

Wilf Blackburn

Regional CEO, Insurance Growth Markets, Prudential Corporation Asia

Yvonne came across as very familiar with our brand and programme and very comfortable on stage. Everyone enjoyed the panel session which was super well-moderated despite the female entrepreneurs coming from diverse backgrounds. A big thank you to Yvonne for making our event a success.


Yvonne was the host and moderator for our first ever “Conversations@PurpleParade”. Her professional yet heart-felt facilitation made a significant contribution to the success of our initiative. This was not an easy task: Bringing together individuals with different disabilities to speak in a mixed group about their resilience and determination to live their lives to their fullest capacity is daunting in itself. Yvonne managed to keep the more than 20 conversations going, distilling the essence of each, and getting the key points both for the participants and the observers. Masterful!

Over the years, I have worked with many facilitators in our events; seldom have they had the impact on an activity that Yvonne had on this one: participants and observers alike learned a great deal that day about what it takes for Singapore to truly build a caring and inclusive society.

Fermin Diez

Deputy CEO, NCSS

We have received very positive feedback about Yvonne, both from the audience as well as from internal stakeholders, including our Group CEO and our Business Area heads (as well as many comms professionals in our organization).

Yvonne’s moderation was praised several times – she certainly brought this event to another level. 

Nikos Spath

Head of Communications Asia, Maritime, DNV

Beyond the professionalism, charisma and eloquence she brought on stage, Yvonne was clearly prepared with her scripts and subject matter. She brought a personal touch of warmth and liveliness to the discussion, which brought the discussion closer to the hearts of the audience and kept them engaged throughout.

I thank her for her commitment in ensuring that UBP put on the best possible event for our guests and we hope to work with her for many more events. 

Ranjit Khanna

Chief Executive, Singapore and Head of Wealth Management, South Asia, Union Bancaire Privee

I had the pleasure to work with a consummate professional like Yvonne Chan for the Operational Technology Cybersecurity Expert Panel (OTCEP) Forum 2023. Yvonne is not only easy to work with, she prepares herself for a technical event about operational technology cybersecurity. Yvonne does not simply read from a script just to get the job done, she makes it look effortless!!! She must really have a photographic memory to be able to condense a heavy cybersecurity topic and let it all flow out easily on stage. She comes across as very genuine, extremely articulate, calm and a real pleasure to work with. Yvonne helped to moderate a technical discussion and judging from how positively it went and from the feedback shared by the audience, they were all wondering if she has cybersecurity background and expertise! This is the mark of a true professional who takes her work very seriously.
Kudos and shout out ???? to Yvonne for having played a part in a very successful OTCEP Forum 2023. I would highly recommend Yvonne for any engagement and look forward to working with Yvonne soon

Christopher Anthony

Director, Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore

It was an absolute pleasure working with Yvonne. She was very friendly from the moment I met her and this immediately put me at ease. I greatly appreciated the fact she had done her research and was genuinely interested in the topic we were discussing. The conversation between us flowed naturally, making it a positive and memorable experience. I look forward to working with Yvonne again in the future.  

Christopher Wehner

Managing Director, BMW & MINI, BMW Group Asia

My team and I had great fun learning from Yvonne. I met Yvonne at private and public events she was engaged to host. Her hosting, moderating and interviewing abilities on and off stage were impressive. Whether prepared or impromptu, her deliveries were impressive. Identifying the needs to improve my team’s public speaking capability, we realised it was not just her talent; the amount of preparation she had put in, allowed her to be comfortable with small and large crowds.

Her suggested techniques have helped my team and I better prepare ourselves for stakeholder meetings, client engagements and stand us in good stead to tackle any speaking opportunity should the occasion arise. Highly recommended for anyone looking to develop their public speaking skills.

Marvin Tan

Group Executive Director, Adera Global

Yvonne is a pleasure to work with. She is the consummate professional and her poise and elegance on camera have added much to the productions we have worked with her on. 

She is always well prepared, researched and easy to communicate with. Not to mention the fact that she will go the extra mile to make sure that the job gets done on time. She is also wonderful with our clients when working on our behalf. In short, I cannot recommend working with Yvonne enough.
Jonathan Love

Director, ASN Media

We have engaged Yvonne to host our key annual conference, which has gone digital this year.  Yvonne is highly professional and pleasant to work with.  During the interview segments, she has a knack of putting the speaker at ease and asking the right questions for a great story.  As a host, she radiates positive energy and from her years of experience as news anchor, carried the show smoothly from start to finish.  Thank you for being part of the team and making the event a success.

Rosalind Chew

Head of Marketing (SEA), Workday

The success of the webinar was greatly contributed by Yvonne. Her knowledge and insights on sustainability, professionalism and charismatic ability to engage both the audience and the speakers brought all the sessions to life, making them informative, thought-provoking and entertaining. Thanks for bringing such big differences. 


We thoroughly enjoyed Yvonne’s media training session. Informative, useful tips and practical approaches that can be adopted if concerted effort is made in preparation. Thank you, Yvonne!

World Gold Council

During our time presenting the news, Yvonne always displayed intelligence, a sense of professionalism and charm. She made all our guests feel welcomed and relaxed especially if they were making their first live studio appearance. It was a shame seeing her leave Mediacorp but I know she’ll do well in whatever she pursues. She’s an excellent host and moderator. You’ll be making the right choice if you pick her to be your emcee. You can thank me later 

Lance Alexander

Presenter, CNA

Working with Yvonne Chan is indeed a dream. Not only is she exceptional in her preparation and research prior to an event, she is meticulous on site and on stage.
Having a wonderful sense of place Yvonne ebbs and flows with the energy of the event, and is nimble and agile when needed. Her post event followup and communication is professional and warm, but humble and personal. I would not hesitate to recommend Yvonne for any engagement, she is indeed one in a million.

Anna Patterson

Founder, Sight Pte. Ltd.

Yvonne took time to research the potential legal concerns that our participants may have and even researched our participants so she could greet them warmly on screen. This was a lot of extra work which we had not anticipated earlier but Yvonne went the extra mile, providing guidance on what to expect. Everything was live and yet Yvonne kept her cool and showed each participant that she heard them, cleverly combining the questions and channeling them to Sharon in groups so as to keep our audience engaged.

In the end, Yvonne delivered what I had envisioned – an engaging and lively session that was not a webinar even though we were all apart in our own homes. She has been such a wonder to work with, a real professional who possess both beauty and brains, intelligent & learned plus vivacious and fun to work with.

Winnie Chan

CEO & Co-Founder, Bynd Artisan

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