When we think about the future of AI and #GenAI, have we considered the following?

????What are the inherent risks within large language models?

????How can we make gen AI more inclusive and why does it matter?

???? By what effective metrics should we test and evaluate LLMs?

These were some of the questions I posed to AI experts at the 37th CIO Workshop organised by Accenture and ITMA – IT Management Association (Singapore).

????Superb insights from Professor Michael Wooldridge, professor of computer science from Oxford university, highlighting the vast opportunities that LLMs bring, but he also cautioned tech firms from rolling out less than robust LLMs in the race to scale.

????Caroline Yap, Global MD of AI business from Google Cloud took us through real-world approaches of #inclusiveGenAI, aptly pointing out why localised Gen AI solutions is the key to allowing the AI space to flourish and succeed globally.

????And Vijay Karunamurthy, field CTO Scale AI shared very practical tips for CIOs to strengthen digital trust; giving us robust metrics against which LLMs should be evaluated.

We also had the honour of hearing from Education Minister, Chan Chun Sing who emphasized the importance of cultivating future leaders who can not only harness the power of Gen AI, but leaders who can distill, discern and make new discoveries.

I closed the day with an almost 5 min recap – summarising the key findings and learnings from this memorable edition of the workshop.
Building #digitaltrust in the era of #AI is such an exciting space to watch and I’m glad to have a front row seat to it. ????????

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