❓”Don’t you get nervous addressing hundreds or thousands of strangers on a big stage?”

A question I get asked at almost every event I host.

✅ It’s not nerves but good adrenalin each time, which makes my heart pump a lot faster before I step onto the stage to open a show. When you’re excited about the content you’re going to deliver, you’re less concerned about nerves.

❓”Does it help that the spotlights shine right into your eyes so you can’t really see the audience’s faces?”

✅ On the contrary, I appreciate well-positioned stage lights (job hazard really, cause I’m always drawn to the light ????) and event halls that allow me to see my audience clearly. This lets me find friendly and familiar faces to connect with, better gauge their reactions to what I’m saying, and then I can adjust my energy levels accordingly.

❓”How do you handle complex or technical subjects when you’re not from the same industry?”

✅ Research and keeping abreast of relevant news go a long way in gaining a better understanding of any industry topic. Those newsanchor days certainly help!
➡️ At the recent #GenZeroClimateSummit, we delved into the evolution of voluntary carbon markets in accelerating #decarbonisation efforts and the role of carbon financing in scaling up nascent climate technologies. Preparing for the topic (plus having a really awesome client team GenZero) and listening intently to the live discussions enables me to weave together different threads and summarise the key takeaways credibly.

So the short answer to the question about being nervous is “no” but here are the ‘whys’ that will hopefully resonate ????

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