“What did you learn from your job hosting #Ecosperity, mummy?” ????
Ooh, being quizzed again by my almost 9 year-old son, who very recently surprised us when he prayed to receive “a badminton racket that is sustainable and good for the planet!” for his birthday. ????

???? I wasn’t so aware of #climatechange when I was his age but clearly our generation Alpha is already cognisant of the importance of #sustainability and the impact we have on the planet, which is heartening.

????Hence, I was delighted to have a front row seat at the 10th anniversary of Ecosperity and the FAST Conferences, to hear first-hand from multi-stakeholders across the private, public and philanthropic sectors, about the progress that has been made to reduce climate impact, the opportunities that still abound and the targeted actions that various players can take so that our future generations can inherit ‘A Vibrant Spring’.

????So I summarised this for my son:

“I had the opportunity to stitch together many conversations, stories and ideas over three days and what struck me the most was this:
➡️ there was a lot more focus on actionable solutions to fight climate change;
➡️ and specific targets on where to channel money to help more industries go green without harming nature;
➡️ At next year’s Ecosperity, we hope to see greater Win-Win for people, planet and business.”

My son seemed satisfied with that answer, “ok, that’s a good goal. Good luck!”????????

????Now, I just need to go find a sustainable badminton racket! Recommendations, anyone? ????????‍♀️

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