Always enjoy moderating for Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, our Singapore President – this time at an opening fireside chat at the 2023 Singapore Fintech Festival!

We had a far-ranging discussion delving into the profound impact that technology, such as AI and digital assets will have on healthcare, financial services and the workforce.

????How can we digitise #inclusion? It will require strong collaboration between public and private sectors to push for massive skills upgrading and a rethink about the jobs (and skills) that we value.

????Instead of fearing that #AI will take over jobs, his vision highlights the potential for us to not just embrace technological innovation but to wield it as positive instruments of change so that many sectors of society (including the ageing population) can thrive.

????He very aptly used the ‘Ice Mountain’ image on the can drink next to us, to remind the audience that climate change still required urgent solutions; and urged all to do good.

Ever insightful, yet concise and nuanced. A great communicator.

Thanks for a fantastic conversation, President Tharman!

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