Moderating annual industry conferences is a great opportunity for me to catch up with experts on topics that I have been keeping an eye on — and the Energy Transition + Maritime Decarbonisation is one of them.

This year’s DNV Singapore Energy Transition Conference brought together industry movers and thought leaders to give timely updates and exchange insights on the state of the energy transition in this region. 

Good to hear from Brice Le Gallo (DNV), Jane Liao (CPC), Shaun Gregory (Woodside Energy) and Yong-Hwee CHUA (Keppel Infrastructure) on the various challenges and opportunities confronting energy providers and infrastructure builders in meeting #netzerotargets. 

Followed by a robust discussion with Dr Sanjay C Kuttan (GCMD), Kenneth Lim (MPA), Andrew Hoare (Fortescue), Paolo Tonon (Berge Bulk) and Cristina Saenz de Santa Maria (DNV) on the progress made in adopting #alternativefuels, synergies between fuels and #decarbonisation technologies and role of governments in regulating supply for the #maritime sector. 

Big thank you to all my speakers and kudos to Team DNVDr. Nikos Späth, Michelle Gozum for concluding another important and successful edition! #energytransition#shipping

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