It’s #podcast season! I’ve been working on an exciting innovation series for IPI’s special 10-year anniversary podcast series. On Future Pulse, I interview #trailblazers and #changemakers from different industries, getting their views on various open #innovation challenges, successes of the past, implications in the present and what the future of impactful innovation looks like across diverse sectors.

Our first episode just launched recently titled: ???? ??? ??????????! Collaboration and innovation are a must for a business to move forward and grow. Meanwhile, open innovation provides organisations with the opportunity to use multiple external and internal sources to drive innovation. 

Dr SZE Tiam-Lin, Head of Innovation and Technology at IPI and Dr David Jakubovic, Senior Director R&D, Open Innovation Asia at Procter & Gamble joined me to share the ins and outs of open innovation and how IPI brings corporates and partners together to innovate and stay ahead. Have a listen to this illumination conversation here.

We’ve got another 9 episodes to go with leaders from PatSnap, Supply Chain Asia, Ntuitive, Crust Group and many more, so keep your eyes peeled for this exciting series!

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